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CBS News Segment – Sedation Dentistry

In this video Dr. Rutherford discusses the many benefits of sedation dentistry with CBS News Anchor Krista Escamilla. Dr. Rutherford describes sedation dentistry as has one of the greatest dental breakthroughs in the last ten years. Sedation, or sleep dentistry, offers patients a safe and easy way to relax during a dental visit and remember little if any of their treatment. Fearful patients who may have avoided going to the dentist in the past can now receive the treatment the deserve.

At The Art of Dentistry we provide oral conscious sedation which is generally safer than being sedated intravenously. A couple of small pills are taken prior to procedures such as tooth colored fillings, root canals, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. The patient can remain conscious and aware, but typically have only a slight recollection of their visit. For more information on your sedation dentistry options please call our office at (432) 367-0202.

Sheila’s Reveal Video

Watch Sheila’s Reveal!!! This the final CBS segment of our Lights!… Camera!… Smile!… Video Contest.  Krista Escamilla recaps the entire contest and meets with Sheila and Dr. Rutherford for the BIG REVEAL! See all action here.

CBS 7 News Segment – All Porcelain Crowns

In his latest discussion on CBS 7, Dr. Rutherford sat down with anchor Catherine Collins to explain the evolution of dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry. In the past, when a patient needed a crown, they had to settle for Gold or porcelain over metal. Porcelain over metal crowns often look aesthetically unpleasing due to the gray line around the edge of the tooth or gum line. The progression of porcelain materials in dentistry allows Dr. Rutherford to use all porcelain crowns to create gorgeous, natural looking results. To learn more about all porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers call (432) 367-0202 or email us.

CBS 7 News Segment – Sugar and Tooth Decay

How much sugar is in your favorite soft drink? In the latest CBS 7 news feature Dr. Rutherford discusses the effect soft drinks can have on your teeth. Dr. Rutherford sits down with reporter Jennifer Samp to explain how heavy amounts of sugar and acid can promote decay in your mouth. He also offers some recommendations to follow if you enjoy a sugar laden beverage.

CBS 7 News Segment – Missing Tooth Emergency

What do I do if my tooth gets knocked out? In Dr. Rutherford’s most recent CBS 7 segment, he sits down with Krista Escamilla to discuss what you should do if you or a family member gets a tooth knocked out. Dr. Rutherford shares some very important tips which can help save a tooth if it happens to get knocked out. Contact our Odessa dental practice for more information.

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