Dr. Rutherford has been providing braces for over 20 years and rarely needs to refer a patient to a specialist. This makes it more convenient for patients who have had orthodontic treatment with us because, if you need a teeth cleaning, a filling, or wisdom teeth removal, we can do all these things at the same appointment. Ultimately, this can mean fewer dental appointments for you by accomplishing all your needs here under one roof as opposed to multiple visits to specialists all over town. We offer a variety of orthodontic techniques, including the innovative Six Month SmilesĀ® treatment. Six Month SmilesĀ® braces are designed to help you straighten your teeth more comfortably than traditional braces and in much less time – it typically takes only about six months to reach optimal results!

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Driving Directions to The Art of Dentistry

Dr. Rutherford is proud to provide his services and expertise in cosmetic dentistry to patients traveling from nearby cities. We have included driving directions from the following locations for your convenience: