Gum Reshaping

Commonly referred to as a “gummy smile,” an excessive amount of gum coverage can hide  large portions of your teeth and eventually cause you to be self-conscious about your smile. Gum reshaping and contouring techniques at our Odessa-area cosmetic dentistry practice can help you evenly raise your gum line to expose more of your teeth. Dr. Robin Rutherford, our highly-trained and experienced cosmetic dentist, will utilize laser dentistry technology to safely and effectively recontour your gums and help you reveal your beautiful smile.

Benefits of Gum Reshaping with the Diode Laser

Advanced Diode Laser technology gives Dr. Rutherford precision control to address your individual needs and achieve the best possible results for your smile. A number of benefits from the Diode Laser include:

  • Virtually painless reshaping of gum tissue
  • A more symmetrical gum line
  • A more aesthetically pleasing gum-to-tooth ratio
  • Minimized bleeding and swelling
  • Reduced recovery time

Gum Reshaping Procedure

During your procedure, Dr. Rutherford will guide laser energy emitted from the Diode Laser system over your gum line. The laser energy effectively removes undesired gum tissue and enables Dr. Rutherford to symmetrically reshape your gums with utmost precision. Treatment times may vary depending on the amount of gum tissue you need removed, but most procedures can be completed in under an hour. Due to its minimally-invasive nature, gum contouring with the Diode Laser is relatively painless.

Recovery and Results

Results will be visible immediately following your procedure. Minor swelling and bleeding can be expected; however, any downtime is generally minimal.

Contact The Art of Dentistry

To learn more about gum reshaping, or for any questions you may have in regards to gum care, please contact The Art of Dentistry today. Our staff will be happy to provide you with more information on our gum contouring techniques, as well as help you schedule a private consultation with Dr. Rutherford.