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Studio 7’s ‘Art of Dentistry: Teeth Grinding’

In our latest video, Dr. Rutherford discusses the dangers of one of dentistry’s most common problems – teeth grinding. He tell us not only what can be done to fix worn teeth, but also what options you have if you are one of the many teeth grinders out there.

Studio 7’s ‘Art of Dentistry: Why Teeth Break’

Have you ever had a broken tooth and wondered – how did this happen? If you have a cavity filling that covers a majority of your tooth, it is likely that over time a crack will develop and a thin shell of your tooth’s enamel will break off. Dr. Rutherford explains how instead of getting it filled again, you should probably get a crown – learn more!

Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – Top Tier Dentist’

Dr Rutherford discusses what it takes to be an accomplished cosmetic dentist – staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, dental treatments and educational courses. Learn more in this video segment!

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