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Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – Miraculous Smile Makeover’

Dr. Rutherford discusses the dangers of losing teeth as you age and the adverse effects it has on a patient’s bone density. After the loss of teeth, a person’s jawbone begins to recede and significantly changes a person’s facial structure. Dr Rutherford shows the ways this can be fixed with a full Smile Makeover.

Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – How to Fill the Gap’

Gaps between teeth are a common dental issue that many people deal with. In this interview with Studio 7, Dr. Rutherford explains the varying choices of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can fix these gaps. Depending on the size and location of the gap, Dr. Rutherford can evaluate which treatment – such as dental veneers, implants, or bridges – may work best for you.

Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – Get A Whiter Smile’

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is one of the most commonly sought after cosmetic dental treatments today. In this interview, Dr. Rutherford explains the varying options of teeth whitening procedures, available either in-office or in the comfort of your own home, and how each treatment is customized to fit an individual patient’s dental needs.

CBS News Segment – Sedation Dentistry

In this video Dr. Rutherford discusses the many benefits of sedation dentistry with CBS News Anchor Krista Escamilla. Dr. Rutherford describes sedation dentistry as has one of the greatest dental breakthroughs in the last ten years. Sedation, or sleep dentistry, offers patients a safe and easy way to relax during a dental visit and remember little if any of their treatment. Fearful patients who may have avoided going to the dentist in the past can now receive the treatment the deserve.

At The Art of Dentistry we provide oral conscious sedation which is generally safer than being sedated intravenously. A couple of small pills are taken prior to procedures such as tooth colored fillings, root canals, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. The patient can remain conscious and aware, but typically have only a slight recollection of their visit. For more information on your sedation dentistry options please call our office at (432) 367-0202.

Sheila’s Reveal Video

Watch Sheila’s Reveal!!! This the final CBS segment of our Lights!… Camera!… Smile!… Video Contest.  Krista Escamilla recaps the entire contest and meets with Sheila and Dr. Rutherford for the BIG REVEAL! See all action here.

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