Greg Morgan’s new smile

I spent an hour or so today at the CBS-7 station in Music City Mall reviewing the upcoming Special series that will air in May showing how we “remodeled” their weatherman Greg Morgan’s smile. We need to get some extra footage of him in his temporary crowns before we deliver the real porcelain crowns next week and they want to interview Greg and me after his case is complete, with him and his finished new smile.

Greg came to us with very dark teeth. He knew he wanted to make this teeth look better for personal reasons as well as professional. How can an on-air TV personality who also makes many personal appearances in the community have a smile that he is not proud of? The answer is that he and many others like him have learned to never laugh too freely, never smile too broadly, and to always hold their lips in a way that helps hide their teeth. I have known patient who talk with their hand literally in front of their mouths to not show their teeth. Have you ever seen someone do that? That person often does not even realize they do that since they’ve been doing it for so long.

I hope many people will watch this special when it airs. We will have the complete special our website,, after it is seen on TV.

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Rutherford