Odessa Cosmetic Dentist Outlines Average Timeline for a Smile Makeover

Odessa cosmetic dentist Robin Rutherford, DDS outlines how smile makeover treatments can alter the average procedural timeline.Dr. Robin Rutherford discusses how long the smile makeover process may take and how the specific treatment options selected can affect that timeline. 

Odessa, TX – For many individuals, a customized smile makeover can be a transformational experience. These innovative procedures typically involve the combination of multiple treatment options to address a variety of dental concerns, including gaps, chips, discoloration, missing teeth, and others. Odessa cosmetic dentist Robin Rutherford, DDS tailors smile makeover treatment plans to address a patient’s specific needs and goals. By incorporating both restorative and cosmetic procedures, he says a patient’s smile can be significantly improved both aesthetically and functionally. 

A common question many patients ask Dr. Rutherford involves how long the smile makeover process takes to complete. In general, he explains, it is the number of treatments selected for the smile makeover and the extent of those procedures that will determine how many office visits are necessary. This means that the precise timeline of a smile makeover will vary from patient to patient. 

In regard to specific treatments, Dr. Rutherford says that dental implants and porcelain veneers (two options that are often included in a smile makeover) typically take at least two appointments to complete. For dental implants in particular, there is an “osseointegration” period required. This process involves the fusion of the implants to the jawbone, and it can take a few months for the most optimal result. With that in mind, Dr. Rutherford notes that treatments such as gum recontouring and teeth whitening, which are less invasive options that are often selected as part of a smile makeover, can usually be performed in one visit. Overall, some treatments chosen for a smile makeover can be completed in tandem in a single office visit, and other smile makeover treatment plans may require a series of staged procedures. 

Due to the personalized nature of a smile makeover, Dr. Rutherford says the timeline will also be personalized. He notes that, during the initial consultation, he and the patient will discuss the options to include in a smile makeover that are most suitable for their goals and go over the prospective timeline. Ultimately, Dr. Rutherford says, smile makeovers can provide comprehensive renewal for patients who are trying to resolve numerous common dental concerns and obtain a healthier, more beautiful smile. 

About Robin Rutherford, DDS
Dr. Robin Rutherford is the head of The Art of Dentistry, a practice offering a variety of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatment options. Dr. Rutherford earned his dental degree from the University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio and continues to remain on top of the latest techniques and advancements in the field. He has been recognized as “Best Dentist in Odessa” by Odessa American Readers’ Choice and was named one of the “Texas Super Dentists” by Texas Monthly. Dr. Rutherford is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Orthodontic Society. He is also a Fellow of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and a Diplomate of the International Dental Implant Association. Dr. Rutherford is available for interview upon request.   

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