Odessa-Midland Dentist on Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Odessa, TX – Dr. Robin Rutherford, an Odessa and Midland dentist, offers cosmetic, implant, and general dentistry services to Odessa and the surrounding areas. With a commitment to offering the latest technology the field has to offer, The Art of Dentistry, Dr. Rutherford’s practice, is now providing laser-assisted procedures. Having been ranked one of the nation’s leading dental practices, it is important to Dr. Rutherford to ensure that his facilities remain state-of-the-art.

Dr. Rutherford notes that laser technology is not new to the medical field, as lasers have been frequently used in areas such as ophthalmology and physical therapy. However, the use of lasers is a relatively new practice in dentistry. Dr. Rutherford points out that lasers in dentistry can be utilized in a variety of ways. For example, in cosmetic dentistry, if a patient seeks porcelain veneers, Dr. Rutherford can use a laser to reshape and re-contour the patient’s gum-line. If the patient’s teeth are not level, then the gum line will not be level even after the porcelain veneers are in place. However, laser use during a smile makeover creates a symmetrical smile for patients who have teeth at varying levels.

Laser dentistry can also be used to treat periodontal gum disease and promote faster healing. When treating a patient with gum disease, Dr. Rutherford’s periodontal therapist generally cleans the teeth thoroughly and mechanically, removing tartar. By utilizing lasers to assist in this process, Dr. Rutherford’s periodontal therapist can help the gums heal faster around the treated teeth, removing infected material with the laser. An additional benefit of this laser-assisted method is a greater level of comfort for the patient.

While laser dentistry has been used in other states, Texas has only recently been allowed to use lasers in dentistry practice. Dr. Rutherford and his hygiene team have been following the developments and advancements of laser dentistry in other states for the past few years. He is excited to now be able to offer his patients the field’s latest technology at his practice.

About Robin Rutherford, DDS

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Dr. Robin Rutherford earned his dental degree from the University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Orthodontic Society, as well as a Fellow of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and a Diplomate of the American Dental Implant Association. For the past two years, Dr. Rutherford has been featured in Texas Monthly magazine as a “Texas Super Dentist” and was selected to the Consumer Research Council’s Guide to America’s Top Dentists.

To contact The Art of Dentistry, visit their website at gentledentaldoc.com or call 1-800-55-GENTLE or 432-367-0202. The center’s office is located at 4712 E. University, Odessa, TX 79762. The center’s Facebook page can be found at facebook.com/gentledentaldoc.

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