A message from Dr. Rutherford

One of the things that I really enjoy is being able to tell a patient that has various types of treatment needs that “Everything we’ve talked about, I can do for you. You don’t have to go anywhere else.”  I see the relief in their eyes as they realize they don’t have to go to Midland for root canals, then to an oral surgeon for the wisdom teeth or implants, then to a periodontist to treat their gums, to an orthodontist for their or their children’s braces, and then finally to me for their cosmetic dentistry. I can do everything they need! People don’t want to have 5 dentists over two cities in the way physicians have splintered themselves into so many sub-specialties.

A typical patient who comes to me is looking to have all their treatment done in the fewest number of appointments, over the shortest time period possible, with sedation so they can remember little or nothing of the procedures, with financing so they can pay for it over time.