Young Woman Benefits from Porcelain Veneers

We saw a young woman today who had very pretty teeth overall but who felt that her two upper front teeth (central incisors) were to long and too big, out of proportion to the next-door tooth on each side (the lateral incisors), which were too small. As a result, she felt she had “bunny teeth” and wanted them to look better.

This is a simple case! By placing porcelain dental veneers on those top four teeth we can make the central incisors smaller and the lateral incisors larger so they will be in a very nice proportion and will add to the beauty of porcelain dental veneers” her smile instead of distracting from it.

Since she wants her smile to be a bit lighter and whiter overall, we will first bleach all the other teeth to the desired shade, and then we will match the veneers to these other teeth.

We made photos of her face, her smile, and her teeth to help communicate to the lab technicians exactly what we want the end result to be. Then we e-mailed her photos to the lab for what we call “Smile Vision”- a simulation in which the technician alters her actual photo and in less than one hour e-mails back to us the photo showing exactly what she will look like! Very exciting technology!