Continuing Education

I have been engaged in a series of high-level seminars in Miami, Florida. It is a series of siximplant surgery seminars plus six on cosmetic dentistry, thus twelve 2-day weekends in all. I and a small group of doctors from as far as Vancouver, have been taught by some of the most well-known and talented dentist in the country. So far (through nine installments) our teachers have been from Paris, (France), Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Virginia, Seattle-truly the best of the best.

In Texas every dentist has to attend only 12 literal hours (one two-day weekend) per year to keep his license but I have attended over four hundred hours in the past three years alone. This has enabled me to do so much more for people who come to me than even I used to think was possible. I love to learn and improve my skills! Placing implants to replace missing teeth and doing the new all-porcelain crowns and veneers to change a smile is really the dentistry of the future!