Porcelain veneers can change your appearance

One of the common problems I see is in patients who have worn down their teeth. The fronts are flat on the edge and are shorter than they used to be. These teeth may be sensitive and are often obviously thin on their biting edges.

Teeth that are worn shorter and flat –edged make a person look older! Chipped, broken teeth or teeth with dark areas between them (either from cavities, old fillings or stains) give the same effect.

When we use porcelain veneers or the newest-generation all-porcelain crowns to make those teeth look great again, it truly can make a person look 10 years younger! People think about facelifts or other cosmetic surgery for this purpose but I’ve always thought that your smile and your eyes are the most important features. We have seen some of the neatest transformations, both on our male and female patients, by renewing these old, broken-down teeth into positive, youthful smiles (and we can usually do this in 2 appointments!!)

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