Smile Vision success story

We just finished treating a patient whose teeth had always been very dark.

If a child is given the antibiotic tetracycline that will cause whichever permanent teeth that are still developing and are not yet erupted into the mouth to be permanently stained a dark grey-brown color.  Therefore, this should not be used in children under the age of 12 or so when all the permanent teeth (except wisdom teeth) are finished developing.  After that point, this antibiotic causes no harm. This was my friend’s situation.

We did a Smile Vision simulation in which we made a full-face photo and then computer-altered it so he could see what he would look like with a smile makeover.  It takes only one hour to have this done and is very accurate as to what we can truly do for our patients.  (He told me later he was so excited that he put that photo on his bathroom mirror!)

We did one treatment appointment with sedation dentistry and then seated all his crowns and porcelain veneers at a second, non-sedated visit three weeks later.  The difference was amazing, just as the Smile Vision had promised, and he is now busy breaking a lifelong habit by learning to smile while showing his teeth!

Another Smile Vision success story!  If you are interested in seeing what your smile makeover could look like, just contact us!! We’ll do a thorough exam and x-rays, take a photo, review treatment options and you’ll know what your new smile will look like before you leave.