Snoring Isn’t Normal

Despite how commonly it occurs, you may be surprised to know that snoring isn’t actually considered normal. What I mean by this is that snoring isn’t a trait that people simply have when they sleep – it is often caused by one or more outside factors. While these can be harmless, some factors can potentially lead to more serious health concerns. For example, as you sleep, the muscles and tissues in the back of the throat relax. As the air passage narrows, vibrations occur, which is what causes the sound of snoring. The smaller this airway, the louder the snoring, as breathing becomes more difficult. For some individuals, the air passage can be completely obstructed and cause pauses in their breathing – this is known as sleep apnea. So, contrary to popular belief, snoring is not a condition that’s considered “normal.”

The good news is, there are viable snoring treatment options designed to reduce snoring. By improving your habit of snoring, you and your loved ones can get a healthier night’s sleep each night, without the interruption of loud breathing. As an experienced general and cosmetic dentist, I can construct a customized oral appliance to fit comfortably and securely in your mouth while you sleep. When worn properly, these appliances have proven to successfully diminish the occurrence of snoring so that you and your loved ones can sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on October 29, 2013.