Can I Fix Gaps in My Smile Without Braces?

Gaps between teeth are a common oral concern for patients of all ages. Not only do spaces present a cosmetic issue, but they could also affect the health and function of the teeth. For a long time, traditional braces were the go-to solution for dealing with misalignment and gaps. Nowadays, patients have more options available and often consider treatment that doesn’t require metal wires and brackets. 

At The Art of Dentistry, Dr. Robin Rutherford offers a variety of cosmetic treatments that can improve the appearance of your smile. Along with his dedicated team, Dr. Rutherford recognizes how a smile you’re happy with can both boost confidence and overall oral health. Available treatments capable of addressing gaps between the teeth without the use of braces include: 

Once your teeth have been evaluated during an initial consultation with our dentist, Dr. Rutherford can talk with you about your concerns and determine whether these options can serve as effective alternatives to more traditional orthodontic treatment. For more information, please contact our office with additional questions, or to schedule a consultation.