Periodontal Care

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Most individuals will experience some degree of gum disease (medically referred to as periodontal disease) during their lives. This may begin with the less severe stage (gingivitis), but without proper oral care and treatment this can develop into a more advanced periodontitis. So, how does gum disease affect your overall health? The bacteria and inflammation that accompanies gum disease can actually enter the bloodstream and have serious effects throughout the rest of the body and vital organs. Without periodontal treatment, […]

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There can be a variety of reasons why your gums bleed when you floss. If you just adopted a daily flossing routine, your gums may not be accustomed to your new regimen yet. In this case, bleeding is normal and should subside within a week. Bleeding gums may also be caused by other factors, such as a vitamin deficiency, ill-fitting dentures, or a side effect of blood-thinning medication. For some patients, bleeding can be a warning sign of gum infection. […]

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