Smile Makeover

Am I a Good Candidate for Six Month Smiles®?

While traditional braces often take up to two years or more to straighten crowded or crooked teeth, Six Month Smiles® is designed to correct misalignment in just six months. By focusing on gently guiding the front teeth that are visible when you smile toward their ideal position, the overall treatment time with this innovative orthodontic treatment can be dramatically reduced. However, one of the most significant benefits of Six Month Smiles® is the ability to improve the beauty of a smile in a discreet manner with smaller, tooth-colored brackets and wires. Six Month Smiles® can be a good orthodontic solution for patients who wish to correct: Misaligned teeth Gaps and spaces between teeth Problems with occlusion For patients with severe tooth misalignment, Six Month Smiles® can also serve as a more effective alternative to orthodontic methods that rely on clear plastic aligners. Candidates for Six Month Smiles® are typically in their later teenage years or adults who desire an inconspicuous way to improve the appearance of their smiles. Patients who have a severe underbite, overbite, or crossbite may not be ideal candidates for this orthodontic treatment. The best way to determine your candidacy for Six Month Smiles® is to schedule…

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What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover entails a combination of different cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. The goal of a smile makeover is to comprehensively address aesthetic and structural concerns with the teeth and gums. Ultimately, each procedure is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient, and can be used to achieve straighter and brighter teeth, a proportionate gum line, and a smile free from tooth imperfections. Candidates for a smile makeover typically have multiple dental issues they wish to correct simultaneously. These dental issues may include chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, gaps, spaces, worn or uneven teeth, excess gum tissue or a “gummy” smile, missing teeth, and even mild tooth misalignment. Consequently, the individual procedures combined to create the customized treatment plan can also vary greatly and often include: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, gum reshaping, or dental implants. Since a smile makeover is tailored to meet your unique expectations, you and your dentist will decide which combination of procedures can achieve your goals during the one-on-one consultation process. By carefully communicating all of your cosmetic and functional concerns to your dentist, he can design a smile makeover to provide you with a beautiful and healthy-looking smile. Contact The Art…

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