Do Braces Hurt?

Patients getting braces for the first time are often nervous about the amount of pain they may experience throughout the process. In terms of traditional metal braces, the discomfort you feel will vary from what others experience, as everyone reacts differently. In general, you should not hurt when they are first put on. However, within a couple hours after they are placed, your teeth and mouth will probably be sore, which often lasts for about a week. This is because force is being applied to your teeth, and as they begin to slowly shift, the tension in the wires will lessen.

As you return every four to six weeks to get your braces tightened, you will most likely experience more discomfort, though this is typically milder than the initial soreness. The first 24 hours is usually the worst after each tightening, and the soreness typically fades within a couple days. Once your teeth have moved to their final position, Dr. Robin Rutherford will remove the brackets and wires, which should not be painful.

It is possible that you may develop sores while you’re getting used to your braces, but over time, your mouth should get used to the braces. More specific care instructions and tips for reducing discomfort will be discussed when you come in for your appointment with Dr. Rutherford.