How Much do Dental Implants Cost?


Dental implants can successfully replace a missing tooth for a secure restoration that both looks and feels natural. Whether our patients at The Art of Dentistry need to replace a single tooth or are seeking an alternative to traditional dentures to eliminate the need for adhesives and reduce gum irritation, the potential benefits of dental implants are clear. However, after learning about the many advantages of the advanced tooth replacement option, our patients often wonder how much dental implants are going to cost them.

The cost of dental implants will vary from patient to patient, since there are many variables that make each case different. There are a number of different factors that can contribute to the price of your dental implant procedure, including:

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At The Art of Dentistry, we aim to help our patients achieve their dream of a beautiful, healthy smile. As part of this endeavor, we offer a number of financing options so you can receive the dental work you need in a manner that fits comfortably within your budget. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in navigating your dental insurance benefits and communicating with your insurance company. In addition, we have partnered with CareCredit® to offer you flexible payment plans with low monthly installments. For more information about our financing options, please contact us today.