Should I Get My Metal Fillings Replaced?

While metal fillings can offer great protection and provide relief from deteriorating teeth, they will likely need to be replaced eventually. “Metal” fillings are actually made of an amalgam material, and they used to be the standard material used to fill teeth affected by cavities and decay. Advances made in restorative dentistry over the years have yielded new treatments that do not use amalgam materials, and these new options are typically preferable due to their many functional (and aesthetic) benefits.

When the time comes to adjust or replace your metal fillings, metal-free restorations or porcelain crowns may be recommended. These treatments can become necessary when an old metal filling is showing significant weaknesses, or is already compromised in some way. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of both alternatives to metal fillings.

Metal-Free Restorations: Metal-free restorations are similar to metal fillings in the way that they can address cavities and other damage, but they offer some distinct advantages over amalgam filling materials. Metal-free restorations (or tooth-colored fillings) are more discreet than metal fillings since they use a composite material that can blend in with the natural color of your teeth. The filling material is also quite strong and is known to be more durable than its amalgam counterpart, offering many patients the potential of decades-long results with the proper care.

Porcelain Crowns: Porcelain crowns offer significant cosmetic improvements over traditional metal fillings and may be the best option for teeth that need maximum protection. Crowns are customized for the best possible fit and a natural blend with surrounding teeth. These durable tooth restorations cover the entire tooth, ultimately helping to reinforce the structure of the tooth, protect it from further decay and damage, and give it a healthier and more aesthetically-pleasing look.

If you would like to learn more about replacement options for metal fillings, please contact our practice today!