Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – Top Tier Dentist’

Dr Rutherford discusses what it takes to be an accomplished cosmetic dentist – staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, dental treatments and educational courses. Learn more in this video segment!

Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – The Danger of Grinding Your Teeth’

Many people suffer from regular headaches and upper body pain without even realizing that it is due to them grinding their teeth while they sleep. In this video, Dr. Rutherford discusses how bruxism can cause a lot of wear on a person’s teeth, eventually changing a person’s facial structure and leading to premature aging.

Studio 7’s ‘Ageless Beauty – Miraculous Smile Makeover’

Dr. Rutherford discusses the dangers of losing teeth as you age and the adverse effects it has on a patient’s bone density. After the loss of teeth, a person’s jawbone begins to recede and significantly changes a person’s facial structure. Dr Rutherford shows the ways this can be fixed with a full Smile Makeover.

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